28 December 2014

Car Crash With Farrar - DRIVE CAREFULLY

So what did you do on Boxing Day? Sales shopping? Family events? Whatever it was I hope you had an amazing Christmas and Boxing Day :).

Now for all of us shopping lovers, we tried to make it to the sales on boxing day. Me and my sister were no exception. We set off to the train station bright and early to get the train to Leeds for some serious shopping, however we got there only to find the Station was closed and trains weren't running. Therefore as we were already in town we thought we may as well just get the bus, it only takes half an hour after all. But no such luck the Bus Station was closed too. ARGH! Next Plan!

So one option left; go back home and drive to Leeds. So we got home decided to have some breakfast before we went - and then we got in the car to set off. Half way there, and a car comes sliding towards us - going extremely fast around a corner and sliding sideways across the road directly at us. I have never been so scared in my life.

Other than the sound of the car hitting us, that is all I can remember of the actual crash itself. I remember it sliding across onto our side of the road but then the airbags deployed and the window smashed in and me and my sister in the car were spun around to the other side of the road over the verge and about half a meter off going down the hill side and into the river!

Luckily the cars on this side of the road had seen us and stopped! And of course they got out and checked we were ok - which I am so thankful for! However me and my sister were in shock and thrown about when the car started to smoke, by which time I realised and shouted for my sister to get out the car with me.

Fortunately for both us and the other driver involved, we were all relatively unharmed - of course me and my sister have now got whiplash, shoulder pain, ears ringing from the noise and yes the car is written off :( - but compared to what could have been - we are all extremely lucky! The driver of the other car has taken all blame due to excessive speeds, he predicts were over 60mph, on a country bendy road.

What I want to emphasis with this post is the need to DRIVE CAREFULLY - If you are late, accept responsibility that you are late, but NEVER SPEED - You or others could end up like we have or much much worse. The police and Fire Brigade on scene said we were all EXTREMELY LUCKY.

Have a great holiday but please drive responsibility.




WF x

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