22 November 2017

Something Special With Farrar & JORD Wood Watches (25% OFF!)

Christmas is in 33 days... THIRTY THREE DAYS and I'm not sure about you, but omgosh I'm already feeling the stress (maybe not helped by constant messages from family asking what I, and what feels like the whole family twice removed, would like for Christmas).


Whether you're feeling festive or frustrated with the lead up to Christmas, I've got you covered, yes Christmas is in 33 days (are you sighing or cheering right now?!), but it's all ok because I'm making your life easier with this lil beauty (for both men and women - hurrah)....

Now, anyone who knows me will assure you I am a jewellery kinda gal, and JORD Wood Watches are the most perfect addition to the family! I personally strut out the house with necklaces, bracelets, rings and more (normally gold), and yes, JORD hooked a girl up with this BEAUTIFUL piece, but omlord, you know that I'm in love and I couldn't recommend it to you more! 
Everything about these watches scream quality and care, and the selection had me umm-ing and ahh-ing for a few hours (I'm not even joking!). I finally went with the Frankie 35 in Dark Sandlewood & Slate, and boy am I happy!! Do you think I made the right choice!? Let me know in the comments or on Insta (@WITHFARRAR). 
My exact chosen watch is this one.

And now I'm going to make things even more interesting... I am hooking you up with a 25% DISCOUNT CODE across all watches and best of all, you've just gotta click here, or on the picture below. So skip the traditional scarf and socks bundle for all the men out there this Christmas, and gift them something special!


Click & BOOM, have a lil view of the JORD watches and then grab your 25% off coupon, which will be emailed to ya*, because we all know the Christmas shopping stress (need an assistant elf please)! 

Additionally (yes it gets better), three words: FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING! 

*You've got this, just be sure to use the discount link BEFORE December 15th Midnight (the last day for USPS Priority Christmas Delivery).

What's included:
 It comes packaged beautifully in a gorgeous wooden box with the JORD logo
The rose gold accents look perfect with my mostly gold jewellery, whilst the warmth of the wood compliments everything I've worn this autumn/winter so far (yay!)
The Swiss mechanics, sleek design, sapphire crystal glass and wooden strap/frame offer a luxurious feel, look and instigate a fab and unique talking point - for real, 4 barista's have asked me where my beauty of a watch is from whilst handing me my staple Americano with a dash of hot milk. Here it shows you the extra links for sizing if needed, cleaning clothes, wood care and more...
What's fab? JORD even give you the tools to keep caring for your watch! And you can even opt to ENGRAVE your watch for an added personal touch!
& If you read my last post about the face wash ban to protect the oceans (if you didn't go go go here), you will know I CARE about sustainability and JORD Wood Watches not only look freaking FABULOUS, they use quality sustainable woods such as Bamboo, Maple and more (yay vegan friendly)! Therefore it's no surprise they care about you too, with a warranty for each watch!

So, now armed with your discount link and major break down of these incredible watches, let's get shopping, just click here for woman's and here for men's. Make sure you have a peek at the photos under each individual watch for a real feel of how it would look on you, or head to my insta @WITHFARRAR for some styling/look inspo all coming soon - you won't be disappointed, when yours arrives it will be exactly how you imagined and more! 

Make sure you tag me (@WITHFARRAR) in any Insta pics of you wearing your watches, I'd love to see them, and be sure to use #JordWatches & #JordWoodWatches.

Happy Shopping!



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  1. These watches are beautiful babe! Love the details!



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