7 November 2017

Are your go-to face washes and body scrubs about to be banned?!

This is one for the skin care lovers with a bit of a twist...

How much do you weigh??

I'm pretty sure its less than 12.7 MILLION tonnes...but what could possibly weigh in the millions (and what does this have to do with face/body wash)?!

The Eiffel Tower? no thats just 7,300 tonnes
The Empire State Building? Closer at 365,000 tonnes, but still way off. 

What if i told you that its actually plastic in our oceans: 12.7 million tonnes of waste plastic ends up in our oceans across the world each YEAR; and thats not even counting the waste plastic that doesn't make it to the oceans... how can this be happening each year though?


Simple... plastics can take anywhere from 50-1000 years to degrade yet our consumption is ever increasing, so all that waste is ending up in the oceans.

Are you still missing the face scrub link though? 

Well it might surprise you, but you could actually be rubbing plastic all over your face every time you exfoliate, & I'm not even exaggerating!

If you have a face wash, scrub or lather that has 'microbeads' in it to 'unclog pores', chances are they're plastic and part of the problem. A lot of scrubs use plastic micro-beads sadly, and surely that can't be better for your skin than natural ingredients?! I think not.

To quickly name a few brands that will be affected by the micro-bead ban:

Victoria's Secret, Clean & Clean, Aveeno, and many more, for a full UK list including tooth pastes, click here.

(& to look via country click here and click on the red bubble for your selected country/region)

Does your fave unfortunately make the list?

But things are changing, and from Jan 2018 British manufacturers will be banned from producing these micro-bead products and shops will be banned from selling them in June 2018.

So before you're left without your favourite scrub, find one that actually cares for both your skin and the environment!! (You don't really need any more evidence than a government ban to tell you that they are not something you want on your skin or clogging the oceans do you haha!)

So, say yes to natural exfoliants...
Just click to shop


My all time favourite face wash (since before plastic consumption ever entered my thoughts) is the Sukin Charcoal Oil Balancing Face Scrub. (Yaaaaas buy buy buy if you have oily skin! Like seriously go go go)

Usually £9.99 in Holland & Barratt, but get it at just £6.63 here (Boots offer), or I know Lula Loves and TKMaxx occasionally stock it!

Or even try making your own.. I always use brown sugar and coconut oil in the shower to exfoliate*, just mix a spoon or two together in a bowl and hey presto - silky smooth you! A pre-tanning must for me. 
*I never use this on my face as it would be too harsh for my sensitive skin and coconut oil is notorious for making oily skin break out!

For more all natural homemade scrubs click here.

So ditch the plastic chemical filled exfoliants and give your skin, body and the planet a break!


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