2 May 2018

7 New Cruelty Free Lipstick Collections That You Need Today For That Full Lip Look - INC.redible Cosmetics- Tried, tested, swatched

 If you follow me on Instagram @WITHFARRAR (you really should, I'm quite funny sometimes...maybe haha), well you will have seen how much I ADORE the formula of these INC.redible Cosmetics babies, and BIG BONUS: they don't test on animals, which as a veggie and animal lover, I appreciate! 

The collection includes: 
MATTE, GLOSS, JELLYSHOTS, FOILS, SEMI-MATTE, STROBES & IRIDESCENT'S                     For a faves swatch video head to @WITHFARRAR Instagram (here)

 LtoR: Hustle hard girl, Yours for the taking, I am great thanks, I'm very busy, Strong not skinny, Endless ambition
My faves: Strong not skinny and Endless Ambition 
These liquid lipsticks are SO DELICIOUS! When I tell you they don't budge, I mean it! Coffee, brunching, a cheeky lil kiss (if your love life is better than mine lol), your lips will be locked in place; well your lippy will, not your lips exactly haha (oh god imagine, that would be traumatising)!


Click here to shop  (£8 Top:Hustle hard girl, Fake it till you make it, Bottom:Endless ambition, Future is female)

LtoR (bottom to top): Vibes tribe, More love less likes, Double shot day, Gone shopping, Plans Today, Everyday selfie
Right, now I'm not a gloss girl because simply: long hair and wind. YOU KNOW! But I actually found these to just glide, erm yes please! So I actually wear these loads and just blot my lips with tissue before leaving the house (because I couldn't just be simple could I ahha?), but PIGMENT is HIGH, and they're enhanced with Vitamin E which feels so nice on!
       Click here to shop  (£8 T:My mantra, Vibes tribe, B:Everyday selfie, #Weekend)
I posted a video on Insta of some of my faves on me, and everyone was loving 'My Mantra'!

TtoB: We feel ya, Turn me up turn me on, Kissing strangers
Ok and now my foiling faves (cause these are so minxyyyy)..and they're ALSO enhanced with Vitamin E so not drying on your lips (yay!) 

Click here to shop  (£8 Top:My dirty brain, Turn me up turn me on, Bottom:Oh yeah you did, Bitches be like)

Also can we just talk about how SASSY these names are!!!!!!!!! Erm Yes!

LtoR: Not right now, Uh hello!, Puh-lease, Out of office, Oh hey!, Press snooze
Two words: Pigmented Balm! A semi-matte finish, & clickable like a concealer pen. I find these so nice and moisturising! Beware though, these are highly pigmented and buildable, definitely use a mirror for application ahah, its not like a sheer balm which I first thought ahah!  
Click here to shop (£10 T:Puh-Lease, Press Snooze, B:Out of Office, Not Right Now)

TtoB: Mermaid Tantrums, Stayin mad & magical, 99% unicorn 1% badass
These highly iridescent sheer glosses are as sassy as their names suggest! Such as the clearest one: Rainbow hooves & crazy moves, which i LOVE over a coloured lippy to add that extra POW! Even these glosses aren't chunky or sticky - I've NEVER tried a whole lip range and liked EVERY formula, until now. It's honestly actually quite refreshing.

Click here to shop (£8 LtoR: Never peachless, Anything flaming goes)

Click here to shop (£8 Middle: Rainbow Chasing)
LtoR (Bottom to top): Busy unicorning, Friyay feeling, Rainbow chasing
They do what they say on the tin basically: iridescent lip strobes! SUMMER vibes for sure. These fun strobes have a really fine glitter to give that unicorn sparkle vibe, and although they have a sheer quality about them, they're also packed with a buildable shimmer that's not chunky or sandy on the lips - someone say FESTIVAL SEASON?!

Click here to shop  (L: Ex revenge, R: Just be me)
Two words: Lip Quencher! They even have Avocado Oil infused in them for 'intense hydration', and you know how much I love AVO haha! Oh and did I mention, they all have a cute little flower at the bottom of each, SO SASSY! I'm actually trying not to use the golden one as it's just TOO pretty! Also I've just looked at the name of the golden one and its called 'Ex Revenge' hahaha! So much sass!!

So one last thing, some selfies of them on OF COURSE, haha!
Fake it till I make it - Matte my day
I'm something else AND Hustle hard girl ombre blend - Matte my day
#weekend - Glazin Over BLOTTED to make more matte
You won't bring me down - Matte my day

Got a favourite? Maybe you've tried these before and cannnnnot cope, just like me haha, let me know!
Lots of Love

Keira xox

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For the INC.redible Cosmetics website click here
Disclosure - I did receive these game changers as a #gifted PR package, but I think you know me well enough by now to know if I didn't like something, you'd know ahah & all opinions are my own


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