12 January 2015

Hand Candy With Farrar - Astley Clarke Review

So recently I took full advantage of the Astley Clarke SALE - hehe - and added to my beautiful little collection of their amazing pieces! I posted the pictures of my new pieces on Instagram (@withfarrar) and was asked about reviewing the pieces. So here it is :)


So these were the first..


And then one more...


Far Left: Duck Egg Fractal Ring £7510906333_10152703911548165_5226026983783066501_n

And another oops..10846335_10152703910878165_8221134486214030906_n

Peach Blush Honey Comb Ring £110, NOW £65 :)


How PERFECT! Make sure you get your ring size measured though, it's done in letter sizes. Changing it up a bit, the next additions are these beautiful pieces...




Midnight Star Shower Pendant £120, NOW £85

The above necklace has gold stars set on a very dark blue sky, there is also a matching ring and bangle - The ring is the same as my star ring above, just in dark blue.




Rose Gold Vermeil Charm Bracelet £165, NOW £115

And the newest of all...10917280_10152703913013165_3853245969841444699_n


Cappuccino Honeycomb Ring £110, NOW £40!10442518_10152703912538165_6370617563900903823_n

Turkish Coffee Enamel Ring £60, NOW £25!!!


Thundercloud Enamel Ring £55, NOW £35!!!!

Sooo to conclude:



Aren't they just so gorgeous!

The rings are absolutely gorgeous just make sure you know your size as I said before, and just a slight warning, the thicker band rings seem to come up a little smaller than the thinner and the Fractal rings. They are so nicely fished though, and definitely add extra elegance and glam to your hands. They are gold plated, and come with a small blue cleaner with the AC logo in gold printed on, which is a nice touch. This is great because to keep them shiny and new looking you should clean them gently with a cloth, just like you do with silver.

The latches on the bracelet and the necklace are very safe and well made using a easy clasp to ensure you can safely fasten your jewellery even when no one is around to help - yay!

There is also a very handy tool on the AC site, allowing you to stack the rings you are interested in to let you see what they look like together. I think this is great, so helpful!

I also like how there are matching sets of jewellery sold separately such as the ring, bangle and necklace of the Midnight Star Shower style.

Find them at Astley Clarke London online: www.astleyclarke.com 

And now there's a 60% SALE on!!

What more of a reason do you need!

My absolute faves for next time maybe ;) 


Sea Shell Enamel Ring £55, now £30


Heather Bloom Enamel Ring £50, now £30


Hamsa Ring £150, now £85


Moonlight Enamel Ring £55, now £30


Moonlight Fractal Ring £75

And OF COURSE the absolute wishlist items:


London Blue Topaz Fao Dress Ring £2,950

d32304_aMorganite Large Fao Cocktail Ring £5,600

Eurgh they are just so so beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed the read and now have a tab open searching for these gorgeous pieces haha - there's a SALE on after all!

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