20 January 2015

Time to GET FIT With Farrar

Christmas is always a time when we over indulge in home cooking, eating out and chocolate which seems to come at you from every direction, however I am ready to get back into a healthy and active routine. I obviously haven't been able to be as active as I would want due to recovering from the crash but I can't wait to pick it up again. Now for the fun stuff - SHOPPING! You of course just NEED gorgeous new active/gym wear to get you motivated and ready to hit the gym or those long runs again and guess what - I have some good news. Boohoo AND Miss Guided have both now launched an active range (both mentioned on @withfarrar Instagram account). Both online stores are set to impress!

Missguided Active range launched TODAY - Eeeep! They say: 'Empowering and confident, we’re not here to be average, we’re here to make you look awesome and encourage you to train insane with our brand new and exclusive sportswear collection.' The range is described as fashionable yet functional, for all those who want to train hard yet look even better! Find the women's line here.


Missguided Active 3

Missguided Active 10

Missguided Active 7

Missguided Active 4


BoohooFIT has also now ARRIVED - eeep! They say they offer 'high impact pieces that’ll get you noticed at the gym, and put your everyday wardrobe into a spin!'


So they do both Mens and Womens, and you can find these via this link - Here are just a few of the boldest pieces in the range..






Not a fan of the heeled trainers (especially as is meant to be gym wear!)


The above is probably my favourite :) Love the top cut!


I would also advise heading to your nearest TK Maxx and having a look at their gym wear, I've found quite a few gems hidden in there. They have also somewhat recently opened an online base too so you could try searching on there too - I however don't actually use it because the layout, picture size, font etc just doesn't do it for me. If however they do re-design their site LET ME KNOW :)

So as I am at university, I have joined 'The Gym' in Sheffield and bought some goodies to get me motivated to actually start going again! Here are a few of my own faves I've purchased over the past month or so...







I won't lie I haven't actually started back at the gym yet, hehe, even though I am paying for my membership grr silly me! Just finding the motivation for the first gym sesh is so hard, I know as soon as I go back I will get back into a routine and love it but just getting over that first hurdle is so hard right now haha. I even planned to go on a 7.30 run this morning, then I checked the weather report and realised the sun doesn't rise until about 8am so no way was I running around the city in the dark haha!

However today I did do a little yoga with my flatmate, along with a morning shot of wheatgrass and I also had a cheeky plate of pancakes with banana mmmm hehe not so healthy oops.



So above is where I am now, I wasn't going to post because I am no where near my fitness goals yet, I want to tone up and lose the Christmas tummy fat that has crept up on me haha. I want to tone my tummy, legs, arms - basically everywhere I can tone I will haha, I know I won't see results straight away but still excited. Also sorry for the bad quality photos the lighting just wasn't working for me :( haha. So I hope your fitness routine or whatever is going MUCH better than my own haha,  oh dear. Definitely starting as soon as my gym buddy comes back yay - face the pain together haha! Any recommendations where to buy gym wear? I think I can always spend a cheeky minute or two shopping hehe.

 WF x - stay tuned for more must buys and I may do my beauty routine soon as I get quite a few compliments on the way I do my makeup. If there is anything you want me to blog just let me know either on here or on my Instagram account - @withfarrar.


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