6 July 2015

Zara Sale Shopping With Farrar

Helllo - So those of you who follow me on Instagram (@withfarrar) will have seen last week I received a mammoth order (4 boxes - oops) of Zara goodness. Right now the sale is on - eep, and obviously if I could, I would happily buy everything - no exaggeration.

However I controlled myself somewhat and managed to resist the lure of Zara - true willpower! So what did I buy? Well theres a list of things of course, but as a quick post I just wanted to share these absolutely gorgeous shorts I picked up.

They have a sort of pleat to them, a zip on the side and a pretty bow detail. Well of course, when I tried them on I just fell in love with them. They fit so perfectly and are really flattering as they are lose fitting but with a little bit of structure detail - definitely no sack! The material features this gorgeous black and white pattern (although I'm sure sometimes they looks navy!) and, is of course, fab quality material - I wouldn't expect anything less from Zara though!

Aren't they fab!? So click here to be taken to the site - And only £17.99 - bargain - but hurry because they were low stock when I bought them!

More posts on my Zara haul will follow: with two pairs of boots (one flat, one heeled), a pair of trainers, a dress, a bag, a coat and a summery white lace jacket.

Have a fab day - WF x


  1. So gorgeous, love the pattern!
    I never find anything when I go in Zara myself but always see amazing pieces on other people's blogs and YT!!

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

    1. They are aren't they Rachel, and the material is so fab!
      Keep searching!! I can't even leave Zara without finding something I just have to have ahah!!

      WF x


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