13 August 2015

Instagram Finds With Farrar Ft. Klear Klutch

So I am totally a self-confessed social media junkie - with Instagram of course being my absolute favourite - nothing really compares! So with that in mind its not exactly hard to believe, that this is where I find some absolute brand gems. I'm sure loads of you browse Instagram for new fashion inspo or new brands that you literally wouldn't have found without stalking a tonne of Instagram pages, jumping from page to page, and finally finding a brand you never knew but wish you had.

Well this has just happened to me haha.

Literally doing a bit of daily Instagram explorin' and up pops 'Klear Klutch' in the Explore section. Had a browse - and now I'm hooked!

The fuss - clear clutches (clue was in the name really haha)

Now I genuinely had never really warmed to these clear clutches, makeup bags, larger handbags etc but after doing a bit more investigating on their website I am lovin' the prints and designs - chic but fun.

So the fun stuff... 

Click here to be taken to the website  
(Don't worry it opens separately) 

So this is the website  - which I admit looks chic and clean but the bright fun clutches that I saw on Instagram are no where to be seen which makes me sad because they're the main show as far as I'm concerned, but I guess they don't really go with the minimalistic, clean design of the page...

But once in the 'Shop' I am not disappointed, just look at the colours ...

So my favourite at first from this collect was the bright pink but now I think I'm leaning more toward the ombre fade one above! Decisions...

Oh and I also love this silver one..

Then of course, there are the simple clear coloured ones - which I admit I'm not the biggest fan of, although the coloured ones are fabulous to give your look a bit of brightness, and the black one is very chic and would literally go with everything, but I'm not 100% sold on these yet. & Just a note - These ones are larger.

Now back to the fun haha - these two definitely caught my eye:
The flamingo design:
Absolutely loveeee the flamingo print, its so summery and girly with a quirky little vibe to it - I actually posted this one and another on Instagram (@withfarrar) - I had to...so pretty!

The pineapple design:
I have seen so many different pineapple prints this summer literally on bikinis, jewellery, clothes, phone cases - literally everywhere: Definitely the year for Pineapples haha. 

What I loveeee about this clutch in particular is the GOLD DETAILING!! 
I am definitely a gold over silver girl any day - and the fact all the others are silver and this is the only gold detailed bag makes it just so much more impressive - I actually think this one was sold out online - I wonder why haha! 

But seriously whether its a clutch, purse, makeup bag you are after - these Klear Klutch designs are everything and more! 

WF x

 Click here to be taken to the website  
(Don't worry it opens separately) 


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  1. AAAA the clutch is so pretty! thanks for sharing. Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x




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